Throwing down the gauntlet... and give it away.

So in conjunction with my giveaway that you can find on the competition and giveaways page located to the right I felt it was a good time and place to give my thoughts on the remake of what can be described as a true classic. And while I have yet to play the game I have taken a in-depth look at the material presented for the game and I will also give my recollections on the original game. I hope to be able to give the game a proper run through at a later date and give my full review of the game in question.

So let´s kick down the door and loot the room.

The original Gauntlet game still holds a place in my mind as one of the most difficult games I ever played. But then again I am born 1981 so it was not exactly in my late teens i played it. But it was a challenge and the multiplayer aspect of it was really interesting. But I moved on to bigger and better things and by the time Diablo came out I did not really give Gauntlet a second through beyond “this looks familiar” in relation to diablo. But then I caught wind of a new breath of life for the old game.

So punched the closest search engine and after apologizing I typed in gauntlet…. Once the spell-check was done telling me I misspelt gauntlet I found it was Arrowhead studio… You know the guys who made Magica. If you do not know what Magica is go and look it up now… Or well… read this post and then look it up. Any way it gave me some confidence that it would be done well seeing as the core of Magica is four way co-op.

Arrowhead have admitted that Gauntlet was one of the core inspirations behind Magica and I always like it when there is some real passion behind a project. But it of course have to come down to gameplay in the end. And for Gauntlet that will be sort of difficult as the classic game did not really have much in the way of that. So to get a game that will pull in both new players and people who have the nostalgia glasses on will be hard.

Well if nothing else comes from it. It looks fantastic and seems to me to be a good “kill five minutes” game that does not ask you to sink an entire evening in to it.

I will return with a more in-depth look once I have played the game.  

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