Ok.. Long time no see....


Been a while, has it not. 

Can´t say it will get better. Life tends to get in the way. But i´l try. 

So why make this post? No idea really. I guess mostly to give my loyal following of Russian crawler bots something to digest. But also to see if i can re-ignite some kind of spark for writing on this blog. But the sad truth is that the current state of reality in my neck of the woods make me want to go all political, and i am not sure i would or even want to deal with the potential backlash... you see i have always picked my fights with brain-dead zealots fairly gingerly. Always been enough shit to get my arse literally and metaphorically handed to me as it is. No need to stick my dick in to a open wall-socket just for shits n giggles. Not my thing. I mean by all means go ahead if that is your thing (the wall-socket part... not the political part... that we all have to deal with at some point or another).

But i digress. 

So do i take the plunge and post every-time something tilts me sharply bitchward... Or do i stick to posting the odd geek culture related post if/when the fancy strikes... 

I do not know... 

Time will tell.. 

But until next time

Stay safe, be kind and play fair. 



How do you spot a creepy troll... Announce the 13:th Doctor.

So i am going to make this short and sweet... 

Most of the people i have seen complaining about the new person playing the Doctor are trolls... They have no agenda or interest in the actual thing. They just like to stir shit up and get a sociopathic rise out of others feeling distress. 

Sadly they create a vicious circle of negative reinforcement. Their childish antics radiating way beyond what they them self can even understand. 

So don´t feed this little piles of human feces, do not give them anything to react to. If you can, just report them for flame-baiting. 

I´l get back to the actual new doctor once i see the new episodes. 

But here is my stance.... 

the GENDER of a fucking time-traveling alien that can live multiple lives by regenerating their body is irrelevant. The representation value that the choice of the new Doctor has is significant.  

Go forth and conqueer. 


Spider-Man Homecoming - What sort of spider-man movie is it. (spoilers)

Vacation is over badgers... i back.


Sony knew that they had screwed the pooch with Spider-Man. They reached out to Marvel and the Disney Marvel movie dept. Then they begged.

So did it help, was it worth it?

Yes... Yes it did.

Now i like many others think that  the Toby-Man 2 movie was the best Spider-Man movie as far. In my mind this movie trumps that one. Not only does Peter Parker come across like a very teenage... well.. teenager. Now the movie does take another step in blending two comic settings, the core marvel one and the so called Ultimates one. The later was a modern reboot of the marvel universe that instead of messing with the core universe Marvel set it up as it´s own thing. It was a bit more grim and gritty. But without going in to grimdark territory. In this setting Spider-Man was again a teenager (in the core universe he is grown up and sitting in that weird 30-ish zone) and his supporting cast where updated to be more independent. ezpecially Aunt May that went from a kind senior citizen to a much younger (more 45+ than 65+) woman on the move. Much of this does carry over in to the new movie.

It also sidesteps many of the weird issues that have been brought up in previous movies regarding the spider suite and other things . It simply runs on Tony Stark MAGIC.

Now the story it self is fairly basic for a opener in a franchise. The hero has gained the power ( guess what.. not origin story)  and now heeds the call of heroism only to mess up and is forced to find his resolve. Then comic book end happens. =P

But it is the care that has been taken to not only be funny and endearing but also have some serious nods to spider comic history. It also handle it´s villains in a good way. Not the hamfisted Toby-Man 3 or the re-boot who wasted a really good villain for a sequel bait that never came to be.

As for the actors. Tom Holland is the same kind of natural it that RDJ brought to Tony Stark and Well RDJ is as always good... In fact at this point it is hard to see where he ends and Tony starts. RDJ fill a good roll as mentor and also part of the more lighthearted comedy of the movie.

Marisa Tomei and Laura Harrier make for two good supporting characters and both are believable as Aunt May and Liz Allen.

But the star of the show is by far Mr Keaton who threads a thin line between creepy and endearing with just the right amount of chewing the scenery. After all you can not play a comic book villain without a little bit of overacting. Now he does serve as a replacement for the  green goblin in some ways but with a very simple and rooted motivation for his villainy.

All in all it is the Spider-Man that Sony needed and if they are smart they will learn from this and actually continue to produce good super hero movies.

Until next time

Stay safe, be kind and play fair.


Wonder Woman - What the DC movie universe should be.

As per usual i am not going to go in to plot details but it is a movie worth seeing and it is in my mind how DC should make their movies. I do feel sorry for whom ever had to write the script for Justice League trying to do Wonder Woman justice in that movie. Done wrong and and the backlash will be savage. 

Anyway the movie does a good job of blending Wonder Womans often changed and rewritten backstory and give it a solid feel. It is not a perfect movie.. what even that means. But it has solid humor and a fairly well-crafted story. Supporting roles are properly supporting and the villain actually have a believable motivation. Even if it is a bit stock. 

Visually the movie is stunning and it does a really good job of telling a story through light and set dressing. Same goes for sound design. The movie sounds great. It does pander to the 3D for the sake of 3D but nothing really important would be lost if one was to view it in 2D. Mostly it is a bunch of stuff flying towards the viewer. I lay this solidly at the feet of WB and not the crew who made the movie. 

As for the actors. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine bring that timing and chemistry that have been lacking in all the other modern DC movies. You believe them and the journey they take. As for Etta Candy played by Lucy Davis, she brings just the right light and snarky observation needed to ground the start of the movies second act. Would have liked to see a bit more of her tho. 

Now it is worth mentioning that this movie have very little connective tissue to the rest of the DC universe, but that was to be expected seeing as it is set during WW1. And since this is not Marvel... No end credit scene for you. 

In short. Go see it. It is worth it even if you dislike the rest of the DC offerings. Just remember to not base your decision of watching Justice league on this movie as there is no connection between the production teams. That one will be a Snyder picture. 

Until next time

Stay safe, be kind and play fair. 



Assigned and Assange

Lately i have had reasons to question if nuclear cleansing (or at least chemical lobotomy) would not be a good solution in regards to humanity, or at least parts of it. The smaller of these things, the dismissal of  charges against Julian Assange as his cockroaching have made it impossible to push any sane and orderly legal action against him. Not unlike a fucking ransomware he got to dictate his own terms. But in doing so i have a solid opinion of his guilt. Not that he cares... But in my eyes he will always be a small man with a James Bond complex (and as such is pretty rapey by default.) and i have no doubt that he committed sexual assault and rape... Perhaps not the assault kind.... But still. I am glad that the circus have come to an end and that no more tax payer crowns will be spent on the fucker. I do wished that he would have been sentenced but a gilded cage is still a cage.  As long as his arse remain locked up he will not be out and about sticking his Jimmy where it does not belong.

Now while Assange is man full of him self.. In the larger scheme he is fairly insignificant. Unlike the inbreed troglodytes who decided to ruin the life of the creator of the Assigned Male comic. This comic depicts the trials and tribulations of being a trans-person in the current world. And manages to put a bit of positivity in it. This ofc rubbed some people the wrong way and a bunch of proclaimed nazi organized a combined hack and dox attack. This.... Is some real fucking bullshit. You can dislike the trans-movement all you want and as long as you keep that to muttering while you hatewank in your chamber... Nobody can´t really do much.. freedom of mind and all that.

But if you bring that in to the real world, getting a fucking terrorist attack going... Because make no fucking mistake... That is what it is... While it may look like a individual to individual attack it is by extent a attack at an entire section of society, not to mention society it self as it denies the freedom of it´s members. Going that far.. is way to far.

So this form of terrorism do a good job of illuminating how far we as a society have to go. Why things like PRIDE and the brave people on the barricades are still needed. And why we (as in men... because as sad as i am to admit.. a lot of the shit posted online comes form people who identify as born male in a male body.) need to deal with the idiotic shit that previous generation have created, it is our legacy and our task to break down. Toxic masculinity, macho culture, homo and trans-phobia and all the other dumb shit way to many still hold as gospel.

Sadly i fear things will get worse before it gets better... That is how it usually goes. Fortunately i still have hope as many of the people who educate your kids... .. . They are on the side of inclusion and tolerance. They get raised right and sane...

How about the Assange use his new freedom to track these sort of networks down. But i somehow get a feeling that he would not, even if he could.

Stay safe, be kind and play fair.


Dr Who..? Season 10 thoughts so far.

To be honest after the last season of Dr Who i did not have much hope. While i did enjoy the Capaldi doctor from time to time i did not feel much investment in Colemans Oswald. Not really Colemans  fault, she did what she could with what she had. It was just a bad character. So i did have some reservations towards the new season. But to my surprise the new companion as Bill Potts played by Pearl Mackie is both funny and a bit of a internet snark... Calling out some of the sci-fi tropes that usually we the audience have to call out. Now i am not sure how the entire season will play out but so far it is looking good. Now there is a second auxiliary character in the form of Nardole played by Matt Lucas. A reoccurring character from the Christmas specials of late.  His role is that of chaperon and conscience to the Doctor. Making sure that the later does not go over the edge. The series does also pay some homage to the complaints over the lack of of a sonic screwdriver. 

I will get back to the subject once we are deeper in to the series. But as mentioned. So far so good.  

Until next time
Stay safe, be kind and play fair. 



Easter... Egg? Gothcon

So Easter have come and gone and for me that most of the time means spending time in Gotheburg attending the Swedish boardgame/miniture/TCCG/RPG convention Gothcon. Now as far as international cons goes this is a small one with around 2000 people (that can be reliably tracked). But as far as this type of conventions goes in the Nordic region it is one of the larger. Beyond that things would feel fairly similar to other cons, you play games, hang out with people you only see once or twice a year and spend money on stuff you probably should not spend money on like... well..more games. 

But first and foremost it is the atmosphere that gets me every time. Because no matter how protective and elitist different sub-factions of physical gaming culture can get (and trust me... it can) once you set foot inside the con, you are at home. Around you are people who are as if not more geeky and nerdy as you are and nobody judge you for it. This of course rings true for any sub-culture con but since i am a gamer and i this is my hobby. This is where i call home 

So what did i do over these four days? Well apart from having a look at a metric ton of stuff i liked to buy i took the time to sit down with some games i was unable or unlikely to be able to play at home. It was nice to be able to play games and not mind the real world outside. The highlight of the weekend was oddly enough a tiny storytelling RPG. One of those that you pick a random scenario and just roll with it. Ours was a team of the most failed superheroes this side of the Great Lake Avengers. But it is a type of game i really enjoy when i am in the right mode because it lets me flex my storytelling muscles. I think the game it self was called Followers or some such. Anyway getting to sit down with a table of people and together weave a story is something that always have and i hope always will bring warmth to my heart. 

Now fortunate enough for me i do not have to wait very long for the next con as we have one coming up in my home town in about a month. expect a more in-depth write up of that one as i can get some decent sleep during that con. The perks of being withing walking distance. 

Anyway, that was just a quick update on what i have been up to. For a review of the games i played head over to spelkult.se in the coming week or so. 

Until next time

Stay safe, be kind and play fair.