So much to see, so little time.

Way to much TV....

I was at first intending to cover the super-hero/comics related TV shows coming out this fall/winter but to be honest there are simply too many. I do unfortunately not master in super-hero TV adaptations. But that will not stop me from bringing the subject up every now and then. It is of course a very pleasant problem to have but at the same time my inner content junkie feels like it would be good to get it out there. I did bring up Gotham and I will give a similar once over on Constantine and Flash.

Beyond them we do have the return of Agents of SHIELD and Arrow. Arrow is setting up for ehat I think to be the best season ever but that is mostly due to the inclusion of Ra's al Ghul. Primarily a Batman villain he is a master assassin and would be conqueror that aims to rid the world form sin, one head at a time. He is also immortal thanks to something called the Lazarus pit, a mysterious well that grants the person who steps in to it rejuvenation and healing. To the modern audience he is mostly known for having been played by Liam Neeson in the Nolan-verse Batman movies. His combination of sharp wits and extreme combat proves will make for a very interesting adversary to Oliver.

While Arrow in my mind will start with a solid gold platter, AoS have a tough fight ahead of them. The series was slow as come heck at the start and it was not until the tail end of the season that things really kicked off. Now this was of course natural seeing as it tied to closely in to Captain America 2 but that does not excuse the pacing and at times ham-fisted plot. So with the very good season finish and a very interesting setup for this one AoS will still have to work hard to regain the interest of the TV audience. Especially with DC´s strong lineup and a truckload of good non-superhero shows starting or continuing.

Elsewise things are slow right now. I am trying to get on phase with the DC and Marvel comics universes but it is going slow and with marvel in essence having reduced their heroes to a long string of events catching up is even worse. With DC I simply decided to pick up week one of NEW52 and work forward so it is a tad bit better. But I am simply not gripped by them as I used to be. Perhaps it is my degrading mind slowly consumed by age or they are just not as good as I remember… But then again when I was young I really liked Knight Rider… .. . So I am not sure how much value that opinion holds. Also my master thesis is eating up a lot of time that used to be spent on stuff like this. But while my geek-cred is weakening I am not really worried yet and while my free time shrinks I still intend to keep this blog up and I am looking in to being able to do VLogs and similar media content. This mostly as a safety valve to give myself a way to be creative that does not interfere with my studies.  My first entry in to that will most likely be next LootCrate unboxing… Yeah... unlike the other 5000 people doing it but it is a good place to work out the wrinkles and give me a chance to try some other funny stuff.

So that was pretty much my thoughts about that, sorry but nothing more interesting today. I will miss out on this week´s Dr Who episode review but I will do some restructuring with those, chif difference will be that they will not be delayed by a week but rather be a review of the current episode. So.. More spoiler warnings I guess. So look for a bunch of Dr Who realted stuff early next week.

Also i´d like to put a small puff for my friend and fellow blog producer Anton over at http://antontycker.blogspot.se/ who is dipping his toes in to writing in English and I really think you should stop by and give him some encouragement and he will give you some gaming insights and general nerd stuff

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