Dr Who you say. S8 E02 "Into the Dalek" (Sir Spoils-a-lot)


So…. Remember how I said last time that the episode left new viewers dazed and confused… Oh boy will they wish they could get that feeling back this time. Let us dive in to the Dalek.

We start off in space as some random sci-fi is happening. A ship is being chased and a female is shouting over the radio as something bid and bad is chasing them. Sadly for her and her brother that is riding shotgun with her they are outgunned and shortly thereafter gunned down.
But she wakes up inside the Tardis and promptly try to shoot the Doctor… A natural reaction I should say as a long time viewer of the series.  It turns out that the girl is part of the crew of a medical ship trying to outlast a Dalek flotilla. It also turns out that the reason the Tardis dropped the Doctor here is because of the very special patient that resides on this ship.  A Dalek that is not only dying but in its delirium has found a new truth. One that shocks the Doctor to the core. The dying Dalek is trying to kill the other Daleks, having seen the beauty of creation and that the Daleks aims to end all of that. In the meantime Clara is back home and at work flirting with a weird fellow teacher and seeing how this is Dr Who he will most likely turn out to be a squid-monster or something similar. Amy way one trip through Narnia and she joins the Doctor as they and a small group of crewmembers from the ship get ready to save the Dalek. 

The new Idoctor.. pocket size

Then they go all Fantastic Voyage as they shrink down and head in to the Dalek to try and figure out why it is behaving the way it does and what it means. From here on out the story is pretty basic and things go just as well as expected, they trigger the Dalek immune system and some red-shirts die. But in the end they manage to reverse the damage to the Dalek and it well… comes to its senses.

They call him Rusty

Now trapped within a Dalek that is working its way through the medical ship the Doctor, Clara and the remaining ship crew fight a desperate fight to try and once again sway the Dalek to the side of good and aid them in stopping the Dalek invasion force that is coming for the ship. Trying to show the Dalek both the beauty and the everlasting renewal of the universe the Doctor links his mind to the Dalek. But as anyone who has seen the series know, the Doctor have a history with the Daleks that is not exactly filled with love and puppies. It is fair to say that it is not the love for the beauty of the universe that drives the Dalek to try and wipe out his compatriots. In the end all is resolved and the Doctor have a new and very unlikely ally.

We also see Paradise again… Yay… 0_0

The theme for this episode is in my mind how no one is purely good or evil. Especially how the Doctor need to keep on confronting his darker side and the dark deeds he did/will do/might not have done. And to have those truth embodied in a Dalek is pretty smart in my mind. Especially the scene where the Doctor try to show the Dalek the beauty of the universe, but in doing so exposes his own darkness that he tries to forget and ignore, just like the Dalek suppress what they see as impurity and darkness.

There have been a running theme in the new Who that the Doctor and the Daleks are not all that different apart from their end goal. Both are maniacal and fundamentalists in their beliefs and both are willing to pretty much as far as it takes to achieve their goal. This episode again reinforces this idea by literally letting each one in to the others head and having them reach a understanding in the end, the Doctor saying that he hoped that the Dalek could have been good. The Dalek answering with that the Doctor is a good Dalek, not him. 

So I really liked this episode, even if the plot was basic it had enough twists to make it interesting and it advances my own favorite sub-plot of the Doctor and the Daleks. It was also a very grim episode and the pace seem to be right now to alternate between a grim and a silly episode going by the first and the trailer for the third at the end of this one. But time will tell. This episode gave me some more hope for this season and I am looking forward to see where this Doctor will go.

Still not too excited about the Paradise plot-line.

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