Dr Who you said s8e3 Robot of Sherwood (Spoiiiiiiiiler)

I… I am not sure where to begin with this one. The Doctor goes to the Sherwood Forest… Errol Flynn wannabe happens… Men get merry and some aliens hide in a castle that turns out to be a spaceship.

That is about it…

Not a strong episode in my mind but I have to give the writers credits for figuring out a way to bring the Doctor and Robin Hood face to face without it breaking down in to meta-brawling. Compared to the last episode this is candy floss and have about as much staying power. Now I am not against a silly Dt Who episode every now and then but we seem to be in to a pattern of silly-serious-silly and that make the show sort of predictable. 

Candy floss... Not related to Dr Who...

So how did they do it… Well the aliens simply created a persona to give the people hope as people with hope cope a lot better with the hardships of being robbed blind and used as slave labor.  That persona was Robin Hood, and then man turned in to myth, myth in to legend and presto…

Now don´t get me wrong, the episode itself is very well written and the banter is flowing fairly well and most of the time it is awkward, it is because it was written that way. I guess the theme could be said to be how to hold hope and be the person you need to be. While this episode have a lot less impact on the Doctor it works to reinforce that the Doctor is a force for good even if he has to do bad things form time to time.

I wish I had a more in-depth take on this episode but I did really not like it and I am not all that inclined to watch it again.

Also I am sorry for the delay but things came in the way the previous week. This week I will be on time and hopefully back in full swing.