So the Swedish elcection… My thoughts.

So the votes have more or less been counted. I am sure someone will claim that this or that district have done something wrong but it will not matter. The result is in and it is pretty much as expected. We see a block shift from blue to red from conservative to socialist. This is the least shocker, it was pretty much expected as we have had two terms of a blue government and that has pretty much never happened. The red block… or to be more exact the red/green block (no you can´t expect them to be fast and hard hitting with large creatures and progression) consisting of the Social Democratic party and environmental party with the leftist party as an appendix. Are now in power but cannot scrape together a majority position. So it is a very hollow victory right now. The blue block consisting of the Moderat (liberal conservative capitalist), Peoplesparty (Liberal capitalist), Christian Democrats (conservative fundamentalist… ish… sort of… not really.-. but they try.)  and last but not least the Central party (formerly known as the farmers party. Environmental liberal) are by most predictions going to break up after this as some of the parties will be needed to work with the red block to stop the new power player on the arena.

The big shocker this year was the exceptional success of the very conservative Swedish Democrats (national conservative), a party that sprung from several neo-Nazi/facist organizations as members most likely realized that you get a lot more done with words then with a good set of brass knuckles. Their prominence has forced a situation where they sit on enough power to swing the result in voting. This position is usually the consolidation prize for losing an election and is not to be taken lightly. But as it sits now the rest of the political parties have made a more or less silent pact to not work with SD in any way shape or form. But as I said this force the red to ally them self with new partners and will most likely cause some very intense months and has the potential danger of a do-over of the election.

The other thing that I am sure some people are shocked by is that the pink Feminist Initiative (feminist) did not make the cut and did not get enough support to actually make it in to government. Now this is not unusual it did after all take SD about five times as long time to get any traction and even if F! do have a strong grassroots movement they have been unable to present the sort of concrete goals outside of their core focus that is needed to really break through. Their biggest challenge is to keep the momentum for the next four years until the next election.

So here we are… I am going to come clean and break that social taboo of anonymity. I voted green this year and the vote fell the environmental party… I was considering going with the central party but I honestly can´t stand their frontline politicians. If you have an opinion about that… Good for you.
Now what I was looking forward to after the election was for things to calm down, the F! footsoldiers to move on from social media warfare and get on with the fun job of making politics but seeing as that will not happen I guess I will have the never-ending joy of four more years with them… Not that I dislike what they are trying to do, just that the constant need for them to be pep and high energy is honestly draining. By the same merit I am sure that SD aren’t going to media train their members… Or at least get them a VPN… So I will continue to get running commentary on every time one of them act like an idiot… By now this holds the same news value that rain is in fact wet.
Also i´d like to turn directly to a group of people I have seen this year, they have popped up every now and then and I have chosen to call them the “but dude 1920” group.

They usually post something along the lines of how SD have the same start as the national socialist party in Germany and we all know how that turned out.. wink wink, nudge nudge.

You people are morons… Real, honest true blue morons. First off I find it very unlikely that they will ever make it to single majority. Add to that some simple things such as mass communication and the fact that information today is pretty much impossible to stop, We alo knew what happened in Germany before and under WW2… I have a hard time seeing a bunch of camps being built to house the unwanted… No sly jokes about urban development areas… Thank you very much. I also have a hard time seeing Europe engulfed in a war that mask these things going on.

So please… go fornicate with a wall-socket… be sure to use water-based lube.


Last but not least I would like to ask the more idealistic people if they could decide on if they like to eradicate a set of ideas or if “ideas cannot die” because those two to me seem like they would combine very poorly.  I understand the whole desire to eradicate negative behavior dystopian style… After all we have enough narrow-minded fuckwits as it is and I agree that we could stand to lose a few. I also understand the whole “ideas cannot die” in the context of humanitarian ideals under an oppressive regime. But for it to be true it has to be universal and if it is universal it applies to the kind of people who find political parties such as Swedish Democrats so appealing So when you say that you like to “get rid” of the racists you are at the same time eroding the statement that “ideas cannot die” because you belive that you can remove the racist ideas from society.


So I say... pick one and stick with it because otherwise you look like a fool.


So there we have it, my thoughts about the elections of 2014. I am disappointed that I am not surprised. And seeing as there was disruptions at some of the voting stations by what seems to be fascists/Nazi I think we need to revoke their rights again. I was willing to give them a chance to act within the system. To behave and prove that they have matured beyond the nazi-skinhead movement… But it seems they have not. Beyond that things will be pretty much as usual for a few months, apart from the weakening of the Krona but I am sure it will pick back up again later… Also I like to “congratulate” Sjöbo och Hörby…. I have some ideas for new slogans for you… Seeing as you have some new USP… Call me…


And with that I turn the bullhorn over to the left wing activists to do their thing, fight what I am sure they see as a war and let them dig their trenches. They honestly seems to like it so I usually leave any hot and bother idealism to them.


Yeah… One last thing… If you read this as a voter of SD… And somehow get the idea that I do not despise you from the bottom of my heart… You are wrong… I do think that you are a full blown moron with a grasp of reality that could not hold a feather… But as long as your party is not banned… you have every right in the world to vote for them.. And I have every right in the world to see you as a air-headed moron.

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