Capaldi done with Dr Who. My take.

So i missed posting last week. Sorry about that.

But that is in the past and unless you have pocketed a TARDIS, we can not change that... Speaking of that. The TARDIS that is.

My sort of favourite doctor (no that is not doctor Cox.. even if he is a close second.) Peter Capaldi is going to regenerate his posterior out of Dr Who. While i can understand him, he will be missed. Now i was not that big of a fan to begin with. He felt a bit forced and overly abrasive. But over time i grew to like his manners in the role and how he portrayed a post silence and the end doctor. A person who have seen some shit and perhaps just have grown a tiny bit tired of the role as the maid to the entire time and space. In fact it feels like his doctor was the one to break the most rules and mess up the most. 

I come in peace... To rock out.
After all tho can forget gems like this or him crashing a sort of viking warlords party. In a tank if i do not recall incorrectly. Now i have my ideas and wishes for what to come next and i would like to see a femDoc... But since Moffat have proven to be a very unreliable creator when it comes to female characters i am not sure i actually like to see that happen right now. Not until Moffat is firmly removed from anything that has to do with story, tone or direction. Great at writing scary stories... not so good with lead females. 

Anyway back to the rockstar with the phoneboot. I am sure he will be remembered fondly by many and that as per usual the person stepping in to the shoes will have a mighty pair to fill. At least we get another season with the man who dared to wear a pair of sonic sunglasses... (don´t do that again.. EVER) so enjoy and keep hope for the future. 

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