A Star Wars story: Rogue One. - No spoilers impressions

So this will be as per usual the more spoiler free version, no major plot point or stuff revealed (beyond what is revealed in the ep 4 crawl). More my own opinions and feelings about the movie in general and it´s place in the greater universe.

It was fucking awesome .. .

In my opinion at least.

It was for all intents and purposes getting the whole wink n nod thing right. Unlike The Force Awakens that more or less pelted you over the head with oh look at this callback to the old movies. Rogue one does it a lot smoother and gentler. The plot, as far as you need it can be read in the opening crawl of ep 4. But it was a very good story and it wraps up nicely. This is important seeing as this movie is a sort of stand-alone movie. You do not like to have sequel or cross-over bait in a stand-alone movie. Sure it has a fairly large cast and more than a few of them end up nothing more than a face on the screen. But the core cast is solid and it is a diverse set of characters. Very nice to see and a welcome nuance from the Force Awakens.
The movie also gets both the visual and the audio bits really right. Beyond some really impressive special effects it also have a good overall visual style. The different planets are distinct and we get some new ones. Like the beach settings as well as some old classics. The audio is as solid as always, things sounds and feels the way it should.
It is also nice to see Disney are using the lessons learned from the Marvel movies and incorporate parts from the broader universe. This also explains why they first wiped the slate clean with the old expanded universe. Being able to pick out the best crumbs of 30+ years of brainstorming must be awesome.
Anyway. I will do a more spoiler type review next week. But my general thoughts are tat you should go see this if you like Star Wars or space fantasy in general.

Just don´t let your expectations choke you.


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