The road ahead...

So as the year slowly get rolling things are looking bleak as fuck... Well on a macro level at least. Personally things are looking fairly good. I have a good job and most of my health.. at least as much as a man of my girth can ask for.. and then some.

But beyond that it is pretty much "start stockpiling cans and bottle water" level. Not only is Trump fucking nuts... Perhaps even literally. The Brits decided to fuck them self and people with opinions that  years ago would call for a permanent vacation home in Argentina are getting platforms all over the place.

So the next couple of years are going to be interesting.

But on the flip side of that, being a geek right now is fucking fabulous, between the Marvel and DC movies/Tv series and every kind of merch one could ever ask for my only sad emotion is that i am not swimming in cash. This is also the year that i decided to do like EVERYONE else and  run a YT channel as a hobby project. I have talked about this earlier but not until now have i actually the PC to let me do it proper. I do not really have a goal, i´l be happy for any views i get and it is mostly for fun (and a way to keep my self motivated to play around in Premier) but since i never tire of my own voice and think that i am pretty awesome this will be a vanity project if i ever saw one. tune in to TAWESS on YT to see what that turns in to.

Beyond that the blog will continue on ever Tuesday and i promise to keep on posting stupid and irrelevant stuff.

Yeah... I am sooo out of stuff to write about today... Sorry...

Until next time, stay safe, be kind and play fair... Bye.