The working gamers dilemma.

So i was thinking about what to put my limited gaming time budget in to. While i now have the funds to get the games i want (not all at the same time.. but you know.) and also have a computer that can play them i have been putting some serious thinking time in to what game to get. While i still tend to put in a match or a few of OverWatch and i keep a subscription to WoW running for my own amusement.

But beyond that i am for all intents undecided. With the current Humble monthly offering Total War:Warhammer for a really good price. But it eats a lot of time and i am not sure i have what it takes to actually enjoy the game. Heck if i can not find time to sit down with the sims... Total War i think is a bit outside of my league. That is what i really like with Overwatch, casually playing quick matches demands no time from me. Just pop in... bang bang.. shut down.

But looking forward there is of course the next Mass Effect game, i have played through the original trilogy and i am looking forward to this one. But again.. time. It is a must play for me so time will have to be made i guess.

Beyond that it is mostly "older" games, as in games that have been released in the past year or so that simply kicked the arse of my old computer. I have been doing some the Division as i really enjoy the SP part of the game, shallow and not very complex as it is. This does lean me towards looking to pick up Watchdogs2 and while even older still i am really thinking about getting the final installment of the Witcher series again.. solid stuff.

and still i come back to the same old chestnut... time.

It is that old catch 22 like position that you only have the money to play games when you do not have the time... and vice versa. But since i can not live of casually playing the games i want to play... Heck even if i would make a career of Youtube would i have the time to play the games i like to play. That would also in way be to taint the well, as i would be making my poison of choice my job. Not sure how well that would turn out.

But that is i guess what getting older is, the dividing of time and resources. In that way life becomes a most harsh
resource management game. One without save files or resets.

But that is what it is.

Until next time
stay safe, be kind and play fair.