In sickness... We trust. Ghosts we bust.

So this is a bit late.

My bad.

I got some form of bug in the system.

But that is neither here nor there at this point. Lets get on with the show.

So i finally got around to seeing the new Ghostbusters movie. And while i respect that people have a differing opinion. It is a good movie, it is stupid and goofy and all i really want from a popcorn flick. Especially as i never really considered the original one to be anything beyond a good comedy. Maybe it is this freedom from the shackles of nostalgia that seem to have afflicted so many people online, that gave the opportunity to just see it for what it is. 

The idea that something have to surpass it´s source in every way. That is a dangerous one. Because it leads to either building way to much hype or becoming a eternal cynic. Of course in this day and age there is good biz to getting the hate-train. In fact i daily find new channels and blogs that thread that path as their sole and only thread. This is not new but it becomes so visible when your entire front page on You Tube is plastered with it. Not to mention how quick people are to ump down the throat of anyone not getting on the train. I have talked before on how the pure naked rage seen online these days is kind of disturbing. I know that most people are like me, people who can look at an issue and say "well i do not agree" without calling for someones head. 

For an example, let me use the example of Anita Sarkeesian, I far from agree with all she says. In fact i could argue some points until my head falls off. But not only does i see that someone had to take those lumps, stick their neck out and have it more or less chopped off. Because being polite and conforming would not have worked. So i simply shrug my shoulders, build some more or less logical arguments for the points i disagree and then go on my merry way. Should i ever end up in a conversation with her i know what to do. No way along the way is that to make threats or send someone actual shit in the mail. 

I feel this very much apply to the new Ghostbusters movie. Some people more or less competed to be the biggest arsehole on the internet. Of course this did have little impact on the movies numbers and i honestly think that SONY was happy about all the free marking they got. Not only was the movie constantly in the limelight but due to the angry people on the internet. Everybody had to have an opinion. I also hpope they stick to their guns and push the sequel because the universe is actually a good one. Heck in some ways i think it surpass the original. 

It is only a bit sad that it´s legacy will always be tainted by the toxic sludge it spawned. 

anyway... Enough rambling. Now i am going to down some cold pills and sleep. 

Stay safe, be kind and play fair. 

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