Who you said…? S08 E11 ”Dark Waters”

This is part one of a two part episode and it heralds the end of this season proper. We still have a Christmas special and any potential other special but the regular show is coming to a close with the next episode. It will of course return next season but that is a story for another time.

So as I mentioned this is a two part story and the conclusion will have to wait for the next time so I will just go over the basics of the story. We begin with Clara talking to Danny and telling him that she really really love him only for him to promptly get killed by a car. This makes Clara very angry and she demands that the Doctor fix it, he says no. She also destroys the keys to the TARDIS. But it turns out it was a dream and the Doctor just wanted to see how far she would go. So by hitching Clara up to the TARDIS they set out to find a way to bring Danny back… .. . They end up in a mausoleum that is overseen by Missy and a very strange doctor. Then things get a bit weird. And you know that things are about to get bad when a mausoleum full of tanks with dead people in them being kept in a liquid that only shows organic materials is not the weird part, but rather where the weird starts.  So… Here… We… Go… Missy is in fact the Master, her doctor is in fact a nobody, the dead in the water are in fact Cybermen and the Master have pokéball for souls that she download in to Cybermen. Also Danny is inside said pokéball…

So… this is pretty much where we sit at the end of the episode… For once, the mystery is not afoot.

Missy is still about as interesting as toasted bread, but I have to say that the twist of her being the regenerated Time-Lord previously known as Prin… .. . The Master is kind of interesting. Especially as it does open for a female Doctor down the line. Beyond that everything is still pretty much meh… The Doctor is a grade A arsehole and Clara remains a walking talking plot device… I am at this point not sure even her gender actually matters… She could pretty much be replaced by a Smartphone. Note that this is not me slamming Jenna Coleman whom I think do an admirable job trying to bring life to the character. There is just not enough there to work with. I also really hope that Danny is not permanently dead… He was a really funny character that would make a really good companion, especially with this current Doctor.

Now the episode itself was actually really nice and the pay-off with the Cybermen was really nice even if it was a bit obvious. Now since the story is still not done I will not comment on it but it does have some promise and unless they much it up completely it will be a nice end to this season.

I will make a longer post nest week detailing not only the episode but the giving my thoughts on the season as a whole.


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