Jurassic world. It can not be worse than JP3.

Ok first off i am a bad bad person that fails at planning and time management. Sorry about that. Secondly I know I said this was going to be about Blizzards OverWatch… Then the new Jurassic Park trailer hit the web… .. .In case you missed it.

It… Is… Glorious…((also spoilers for the trailer and by extension the film.))

It is just about as facedesk stupid as you would expect a continuation of the Jurassic Park movie franchise to be. (The books are a different matter… So I will leave them out of this. )

You just went and made a new dinosaur... Probably not a good idea.
The story goes as follow. Jurassic World is John Hammond’s vision come true… But what is better than gene-modified dinos… Hybrids… Now way that could end badly… Then Chris Pratt is awesome and they have trained Velociraptors as hunting dogs… I would assume a CEO or other legal entity will get eaten… Also there are kids… Because Jurassic Park…I also like to point out that a pack of hunter/tracker raptors are an awesome idea.

So the trailer is only roughly two and a half minute long but it is packed with so much nostalgia and ambiance that... Well you get a little bit of that feeling you had when you saw the first movie. Now I have seen all the movies and I even think I saw the first one in the cinemas but I might be wrong. It was after all a few years ago. Now I loved the first movie, hard not to seeing as I was all of… 12 at the timer of release and that I had a fascination with Dinosaurs since a very young age. But I also picked up the book and enjoyed the heck out of that one. I think it is fair to say that Lost World did not really live up to the expectations, not only was I older but it lacked the punch that the second book had, at least as I remember it now thinking back. It was also a god awful movie in its own right. The less said about the third film… The better.
Walking with dinosaurs... Hammond style.
Actually let´s talk a bit about the third film any way. It did really take the bad things from the previous two movies and ramped it up even more. Big got bigger, Dumb got dumber and evil got more evil. And they had the audacity to put in the scene with the aviary. I like they tried to un-FUBAR the raptors (they seem to have given up that idea for this move and simply gone with “this is OUR raptors…” ) but all they manage to do is make them look.. Stupid… Not to mention young Clayton, lord of the jungle and first in line to inherit the Greytile estate…. Yes that little kid that somehow did what well trained and equipped adults failed to do. Fuck iNGen should hire him as the COO for their new park… In fact that would be an amazing turn of events. After all he should be 20-something by now…

crocosaursthingamabob... And yes.. that is a very big shark it is eating.

Any way Jurassic Park 3 was a horrid mess of Triceratops shit and it pretty much killed the franchise for me. So back when I first heard about the new movie (in any shape beyond “it might get done” and “raptors with lasers on their heads”) I was very much “Meh…” but you know what this trailer has me a bit pumped, and seeing how the film always was more fiction the sci-fi roots of the book all this stupid shit does not bother me. After all if you make genetically engineered “dinosaurs” why not make them a bit bigger and meaner looking, after all it is what the crowd is paying for. So what if the size of your regular lapdog or the T-Rex could not and would not outrun an average joe on a bike. You are putting on a show and by god a show they are going to get. Who give a fuck if the T-Rex is nearly blind due to shoddy DNA work or the beefed up…? Tylosaurinae…(or more likley a Mosasaurus? But who the heck knows...) only might liv a few weeks… It is showbiz.


I will most likely go in to Jurassic World hibernation now seeing as this is one of the franchises that I fear will go down hard on the path of spoiler-tastic.


Any way it is agood trailer and I am very much pumped for the idea and the concept. Also I kind of like Chris Pratt in these loveable douche roles

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