It was the night before Blizzcon

'Twas the night before Blizzcon, when all thro' the net. Not a news-post was stirring, not even a tweet;

Indeed it is the night before Blizzcon, the annual brand show from Blizzard and the Super-bowl for fans of the Blizzard stable of games. This year it would seem that the air is abuzz with anticipation not for what is on display… But what is not. There was some gaps in the Blizzcon schedule most likely caused by the cancellation of Titan, but the fact that they have not been filled have caused the hopes among fans that we will see a big new reveal. I remain cautiously optimistic in that regard. But beyond that we do of course have a massive amount of panels and E-sport events to look forward to.

But to me it is actually not that important exactly what they reveal, it is up on the net seconds after the news hit the floor. So why pay to watch the show. It is hard to explain, but I think comparing it to the Super-bowl or a Pay-per-View event is the closest I can come. To “be” there as it happen and be part of the event. As a gamer geek there are few events like that and if you, like me live in Sweden there are even fewer. So I will sit down in front of the screen and immerse myself in a way that sports fans does. Being part of the crowd, even if I am not really there.

Now that is not to say that I am not curious to see what they will show. Especially I am looking forward to the Warcraft: The movie-panel. It has after all been one of these development hell projects that I for a very long time doubted would see the light of day. I an hoping they will give us a glimpse of the style of the movie. That they show us some Orcs, elves and scenery. Beyond that I am just generally curious to see what they have lined up for the other games. Especially Diablo and Hearthstone. I have no doubt we have another Diablo expansion on the horizon and we know that Hearthstone will be getting a new card expansion soon-ish. But more details are needed. I guess I will also take a look at Heroes of the Storm in action, not being a MOBA player myself I have a hard time getting the hype up for that game. But I guess that is the general idea from Blizzard. To offer something for everybody but without trying to cram it all in to one game.

Beyond that it will be the usual eating of some snacks and drinking of soda. After all it is not a gaming-fest if it is not a little bit unhealthy, at least in my mind.

 In other news I am mostly getting my hype on about DA:I and it is looking really good and I am doubting my current computer will be able to run it looking even half decent but I do not care. One does not really play the DA games for their looks in my opinion but for the story. And it seems to be a lot of it. But I will get back to that topic as soon as I get my hands on the game... trust me on that one.

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