LootCrate August Unboxing

So it is time for my second LootCrate and this month we got a well stacked box. Fot those unsure of what a LootCrate is I recommend that you take a peek at my previous unboxing.

Any way this month my box was taken over by Ninja Turtles, just as we had the Joker or Harley going postal on the last crate. Usually the crates come undecorated on the inside so I hope this is something they will do again from time to time. 

The first item that catches my eye is the adorable Groot figure, if you do not know who Groot is I applaud you as that must have been fairly tricky to achieve. But if you actually do not know he is a character from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and is in essence Chewbacca if he was a tree. This little figure is form the Funko POP! Line of bobble-heads and have their very distinct blocky style with black eyes. He also glow in the dark… You will understand if you have seen the movie. Now this is neat because the regular Groot figure does not glow in the dark.

Next up are two TMNT items, a pair of goofy glasses that I dare anyone to go down town with. I got Donatello but it is supposed to be random. Not all that amped up but they will be awesome party glasses.

You simply can not contain this much awesome.... 

Next up is a chibi-style Raphael Figure from Kidrobot, again this is random as my friend Anton of AntonTycker got a Leonardo, you should by the way check out his blog and enter his competition to be able to win some sweet loot of your own. Yes his blogg is in Swedish but if that is an issue I know google translate can fix that for you. Anyway, I love me silly little action figures and this one is simply adorable and I wish I had the entire line of them. 

The Flash(y) shoe attachment…? Why not… Again this goes in to my bag of stuff to put on when I am going to a party or perhaps I will pass them on to someone who appreciates anything that is shiny and sparkles. Neat little item but not really my thing. What I will DO is to recommend that you to keep an eye out for CW´s Arrow “spin-off” The Flash. It looks like it could become a very fun series and if you felt that Arrow had to little super powers in it... This might just hit the spot.

There was also some digital loot.  Not much to say about it but again i know someone who will like the Dr Who stuff.

Also MegaMan car freshener, might keep this around the guest bathroom… never know when it comes in handy.  Not much else to say about it… It apparently has the Cool Rush scent...Fitting.

Almost last and least we have a fridge magnet... Deadpool style. But i guess it is fitting as there is no greater hero then Deadpool.. at least if you ask Deadpool. 


Last but not least the regular LootCrate magazine and button.

No T-shirt this time and I was really hoping for some nice hero design but with a double dose of clothes in the last crate I guess I can let ti slide this time... =P Also the crate would have had to be twice as big to be able to fit it in. I am massively pleased with this crate and I know at least one more person that will be squeeeing over this one and that is good as I look really silly squeeeing all by myself.

So that was it for this time. Now head over to Anton tycker and join the competition to win some sweet loot… LOOT I TELL YOU… LOOOOOOOOOT.

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