WTFIWWY Guns stars and other blunt objects.

So today I intend to write about three things that caught my attention over the last couple of days. Now the first story is one of rather light-hearted insanity that happens when nobody spend more than five minutes on a design concept. Recently the clothes retail chain of Zara introduced a new children’s shirt. It was a pretty run of the mill item, long sleeves and a white and blue horizontal striping… Now had it not been for the embroidery on it nobody would have raised an eyebrow. Unfortunately the company choose to put a “gold” sheriff star on the right chest… Even more unfortunate was the fact that the star in question had six points…
Here is an image of the shirt…

Here is an image of a similar looking item of clothing

As you can see some people felt this a bit too close for comfort. But fortunately I am inclined to believe Zara when they said it was a simple oversight and it was supposed to be inspired by wild west motifs. After all never attribute to malice what can be explained by sheer incompetence. After all this shirt must have taken a full 10 minutes to design and to ask that anyone spend even twice that doing research before they clear it is demanding too much it seems. Any way… What baffles me is that this went through the entire pipeline in to production and nobody ever made the connection. Makes me curious what other sort of shit you could sneak by the Zara QC department. I also understand that the designer might not be of European decent and thus do not have such a strong connection to the imagery of WW2 Jewish persecution. But as I said a bit of research goes a long way. Now I wanted to start this post of lightly as the other two items I have today just make me angry… On several levels.

The second story... well you know how teenagers can be all up in your face and have more attitude then is good for them… THAT IS NOT A REASON TO CHASE THEM AND TRY TO HIT THEM WITH BATONS…. Apparently two or more children got in to an argument with two adults who felt that the proper way to deal with the situation was to pull out weapons and chase the children all under the age of 15 around the yard of the school. Fortunately nobody was hurt and I would guess that the psychological trauma was kept to a minimum too. Now as I said kids that age think they are immortal but trying to prove them wrong on that account is not the way to go about it. Just step away. Now according to some accounts there might be some xenophobic asshattery involved too. I wish I could say this surprise me but let´s be honest… I grew up with news reports on the neo-“Nazi” skinhead movement in Sweden… That someone confuses a balled up first as a good way to express their xenophobic opinions is nothing new. But don´t pass your fucked up way of looking at reality to the very children who are going to try and change the world. And if you for some reason feel threatened by 12-14 year olds… Seek help.

Then again… Kids… Don´t harass people and if you get harassed… call the police or report it to your teachers. Trying to pick a fight is never a good idea.

Now speaking of picking fights… My last story has a man who picked a fight with both fate and basic science. Also I like to say that any human life lost is a tragedy, especially to family and relatives… This is good dam Darwin award material…
As the story goes a Las Vegas gun-instructor lost his life after his customer lost control of their fully automatic Uzi sub-machine gun… The shooter in question was a 9 YEAR OLD GIRL… WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND LET A CHILD FIRE AN AUTOMATIC WEAPON…  Just because it is legal does not make it a good idea… Drinking drain-pipe cleaner is technically legal… But that does not make it you Friday night pick-me-up. So because some parent felt that eh best way to spend a Sunday was to teach little Suzie how to use a deadly weapon we have a 9-year old child that is scarred for life and a family who is one member short. What the fuck is wrong with you people… Seriously… And people ask me why I have such a strong stance on the whole “no guns” policy. It is because shit like this. A completely pointless death. Want to teach your kid to shoot, go ahead… it is legal… But let them stay at the .22 level of shooting until they are… oh I don´t know… 16 perhaps.
Now I like to point out that I am in no way against engaging children in precision sports, I did my self for a very short time practice archery and it is a good way to train focus and eye-hand coordination. But not with a damm Uzi… But I guess he saw himself as a responsible instructor… After all he did not put a MAC-10 in the hands of the child… Because that would have been irresponsible.

What´s next… letting 2-year olds shoot shotguns…

So yes I feel some sympathy for the man´s family but letting children on to a shooting range and you are asking for someone to get hurt or killed sooner or later.

Well… To next time. Keep safe and don´t give your children a Uzi.

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