Ok.. Long time no see....


Been a while, has it not. 

Can´t say it will get better. Life tends to get in the way. But i´l try. 

So why make this post? No idea really. I guess mostly to give my loyal following of Russian crawler bots something to digest. But also to see if i can re-ignite some kind of spark for writing on this blog. But the sad truth is that the current state of reality in my neck of the woods make me want to go all political, and i am not sure i would or even want to deal with the potential backlash... you see i have always picked my fights with brain-dead zealots fairly gingerly. Always been enough shit to get my arse literally and metaphorically handed to me as it is. No need to stick my dick in to a open wall-socket just for shits n giggles. Not my thing. I mean by all means go ahead if that is your thing (the wall-socket part... not the political part... that we all have to deal with at some point or another).

But i digress. 

So do i take the plunge and post every-time something tilts me sharply bitchward... Or do i stick to posting the odd geek culture related post if/when the fancy strikes... 

I do not know... 

Time will tell.. 

But until next time

Stay safe, be kind and play fair.