Wonder Woman - What the DC movie universe should be.

As per usual i am not going to go in to plot details but it is a movie worth seeing and it is in my mind how DC should make their movies. I do feel sorry for whom ever had to write the script for Justice League trying to do Wonder Woman justice in that movie. Done wrong and and the backlash will be savage. 

Anyway the movie does a good job of blending Wonder Womans often changed and rewritten backstory and give it a solid feel. It is not a perfect movie.. what even that means. But it has solid humor and a fairly well-crafted story. Supporting roles are properly supporting and the villain actually have a believable motivation. Even if it is a bit stock. 

Visually the movie is stunning and it does a really good job of telling a story through light and set dressing. Same goes for sound design. The movie sounds great. It does pander to the 3D for the sake of 3D but nothing really important would be lost if one was to view it in 2D. Mostly it is a bunch of stuff flying towards the viewer. I lay this solidly at the feet of WB and not the crew who made the movie. 

As for the actors. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine bring that timing and chemistry that have been lacking in all the other modern DC movies. You believe them and the journey they take. As for Etta Candy played by Lucy Davis, she brings just the right light and snarky observation needed to ground the start of the movies second act. Would have liked to see a bit more of her tho. 

Now it is worth mentioning that this movie have very little connective tissue to the rest of the DC universe, but that was to be expected seeing as it is set during WW1. And since this is not Marvel... No end credit scene for you. 

In short. Go see it. It is worth it even if you dislike the rest of the DC offerings. Just remember to not base your decision of watching Justice league on this movie as there is no connection between the production teams. That one will be a Snyder picture. 

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