Assigned and Assange

Lately i have had reasons to question if nuclear cleansing (or at least chemical lobotomy) would not be a good solution in regards to humanity, or at least parts of it. The smaller of these things, the dismissal of  charges against Julian Assange as his cockroaching have made it impossible to push any sane and orderly legal action against him. Not unlike a fucking ransomware he got to dictate his own terms. But in doing so i have a solid opinion of his guilt. Not that he cares... But in my eyes he will always be a small man with a James Bond complex (and as such is pretty rapey by default.) and i have no doubt that he committed sexual assault and rape... Perhaps not the assault kind.... But still. I am glad that the circus have come to an end and that no more tax payer crowns will be spent on the fucker. I do wished that he would have been sentenced but a gilded cage is still a cage.  As long as his arse remain locked up he will not be out and about sticking his Jimmy where it does not belong.

Now while Assange is man full of him self.. In the larger scheme he is fairly insignificant. Unlike the inbreed troglodytes who decided to ruin the life of the creator of the Assigned Male comic. This comic depicts the trials and tribulations of being a trans-person in the current world. And manages to put a bit of positivity in it. This ofc rubbed some people the wrong way and a bunch of proclaimed nazi organized a combined hack and dox attack. This.... Is some real fucking bullshit. You can dislike the trans-movement all you want and as long as you keep that to muttering while you hatewank in your chamber... Nobody can´t really do much.. freedom of mind and all that.

But if you bring that in to the real world, getting a fucking terrorist attack going... Because make no fucking mistake... That is what it is... While it may look like a individual to individual attack it is by extent a attack at an entire section of society, not to mention society it self as it denies the freedom of it´s members. Going that far.. is way to far.

So this form of terrorism do a good job of illuminating how far we as a society have to go. Why things like PRIDE and the brave people on the barricades are still needed. And why we (as in men... because as sad as i am to admit.. a lot of the shit posted online comes form people who identify as born male in a male body.) need to deal with the idiotic shit that previous generation have created, it is our legacy and our task to break down. Toxic masculinity, macho culture, homo and trans-phobia and all the other dumb shit way to many still hold as gospel.

Sadly i fear things will get worse before it gets better... That is how it usually goes. Fortunately i still have hope as many of the people who educate your kids... .. . They are on the side of inclusion and tolerance. They get raised right and sane...

How about the Assange use his new freedom to track these sort of networks down. But i somehow get a feeling that he would not, even if he could.

Stay safe, be kind and play fair.

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