Logan... My opinions (no spoilers)

Ok to be fair... By no spoilers i mean no more than the trailers have spoiled (actually less) but fair warning is fair. 

So now this movie is way more in line with the MCU movies as in it is a story that happen to contain super heroes. It is not really s story about super heroes who does stuff. Now my biggest complaint is that the version we saw had a horrid audio mix but that might be down to the cinema and not the movie. But it was LOUD at times and not a pleasant gut punch loud, no this was a more along the lines of shaking your teeth kind of loud. 

Did not detract from the story at large, but worth mentioning. 

So on to the movie it self. 

There is not much i can say about the plot without going in to spoilers so i will simply say that the story is well written and hit all the notes i would expect from such a story, the only nicks being that it get a bit lazy in the third act. But that might be due to editing, i can see a extended version solving some of those issues. It does also tie in nicely to the two previous movies without winking and nudging so much that you have to watch the, A basic familiarity with the character is enough. All in all it holds together to the end and wraps up in a satisfying way. 

Visually it is a stunning movie, the sets look very good, music and soundscape ties things together and the final track in the movie will do you in. Is it the best super hero movie... No not by a long shot, Nor is it even the best Marvel movie in my mind (that is still GotG). but it is with out a doubt the best movie featuring Wolverine in my opinion. The supporting cast is also very solid and i really like the story beats they choose to go with. 

Gha... I do not really know what to say... Go and see it, it is worth the price of the ticket. 

I will do a more spoilery dissection in a week or so. Because there is much to talk about. 

But for now.  

Stay safe, be kind and play fair.