Of birds and battlemechs.

So i said i was going to give a more in depth review on miss Peregrines home for peculiar children today once i had become more familiar with the source material and had the movie sink in a bit. Turns out it was a fairly good and honest book to movie adaptation. As a non-fan of the books there is nothing i can complain about or even feel is worth pointing out. My recommendation still stands. Go see it, if not for some light and harmless entertainment. 

So that left me with a feeling of... What the heck to write about now.... .. . So after downing  a can of that peculiar brand of battery acid called Monster i was sugared up enough to see in to a new plane of existence. This did shit for coming up with new ideas but at least i felt productive. 

So i am going to take the time to talk about one of my current favorite shows on youtube. Seeing how that now have replaced my viewing of the TV. Anyway, the show is called Death from Above and it is produced by Hyper RPG. It is a RPG/Tabletop show based on the Battletech strategy miniature game. The same game that spawned the MechWarrior/Mechcommander series of computer games. 

The setup is simple, There is a classic storytelling/free form-ish RPG session  followed by a rpg/tabletop strategy session. In it we can follow a mercenary crew as they try to navigate the treacherous politics of 3025... in a backwater part of the galaxy nobody really cares about. Sarna.net have a good write up on the history and lore of the Battletech universe but in short it is a miniature wargame about walking tanks and the people who pilot them... This game was created back in the 
80´s and boy can you tell. 

Anyway the players in the show control both their character and the mech they pilot while the GM controls the rest apart from the "villain of the week" who is a guest star. Another thing to note is that this show is viewer founded and as a incitement viewers can buy different advantages or disadvantages that opens up for all matter of chaos. It also have perma-death,  so if one of the intrepid
"heroes" bits the bullet. They are gone form the show. 

Again not going to spoil the story (and i recommend avoiding the comments section if you are spoiler sensitive.) but i feel safe in saying that it is a a really nice story with some good twists and hearth warming amount of.. well.. hearth in it. =)

So go watch Death from above on Hyper RPG @ twitch and youtube

Until next time. Be safe.