Happy halloween Terror.. Overwatch halloween event

So my favorite non-diplomatic solution to inter-personal conslicts OverWatch just got its first proper seasonal event. It is a spooky tale of a mad scientist and his abominabel creation. This event brings more themed costumes and other in-game goodies. But it also give us a taste of some proper PvE gameplay as we are presented with a horde mode. Now i would love to tell you how it works but so far the cue is infinite and the gameplay is scarce. I´l have to get back with more info at a later date.

Now the skins are a good mix of new models and re-colored regular skins. But unlike the previous summer games event you can actually buy these with in-game gold (for now it seems) making the grind a little less painful. And there are some wicked skins.  I´l show them off below. But for now this seem to be a massive step up from the summer games and unless the brawl is a down right bust it will be setting a nice bar for the coming seasonal events to follow.

Skin spoilers incoming

Ana - Ghoul (re-color)

Bastion - Tombstone (re-color)

Hanzo - Demon (re-color)

Junkrat - Dr Junkenstein (new model)

Mercy - Witch (new model)

Pharah - Possesed (re-color)

Reaper - Pumpkin (new model)

Reinhardt - Coldheardt (re-color)

Roadhog - the Monster (new model)

Soldier 76 - Immortal (re-color)

Symetra - Vampire (re-color)

Zenyatta - Skullyatta (re-color)

Enjoy and take care.