Twice burnt... Justice League SDCC trailer

Warner Brother know how to cut a trailer... That much we should all agree upon. Both Man of Steel and BvS had trailers that got me hyped, So does Suicide Squad... And now we have the trailer for Justice League(and Wonder Woman). 

And i am... Well... really really hyped. With out a doubt the trailer at least have all that i wanted, sharp humor, great sets and Ezra Miller, sure he is no Grant Gustin but it seems they are taking the Flash character in a good direction and Ezra is the a perfect fit for that direction. 


As the title hints at i have twice given the WB/DC producers my vote of confidence and twice they have gone out of their way to stick their dick in a wall-socket. I wish i could just give in to the hype and just completely immerse myself in the world. But i honestly fucking hate BvS, i somewhat dislikes Man of Steel but it did have some promise. Sadly that was not delivered upon in BvS. In fact both movies suffer greatly from sloppy editing, and sloppy here should be read as them having cut away too many small movements that set up the greater arcs. This in turn leave the movies annoying and confusing... Not City of bones confusing but way more confusing than i care for. 

So against better knowledge i am hyped for the Justice league movie... But i am also preparing to be disappointed. 

That is why my next movie going experince is one i know what i will get... A really stupid popcorn action comedy... In short.. Ghostbusters. 

So until next time. Stay safe and play nice. 

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