Pokemon is go

I literally have nothing to say about the app Pokemon GO. Actually that is not entirely true, I have some choice words like piss poor and barley working. But that is in the long and short of it irrelevant because it is not the app it self that have made a impact. 

No it is the sheer social movement behind this barley AR like app that has me scratching my head and in equal measures praise humanity and start question if we should not start hand out "almost Darwin awards". But then again I have been a long time viewer of Radio Dead Air and the show What the fuck is wrong with you... So I have a fairly high bar for the stupidity of people. I am not even going to dignify you with a explanation of what Pokemon GO is, if you somehow have missed it i am utterly impressed. 

Now let us instead do a little mental exercise and I want you to try and remember the last time you saw a huge group of people from all walks of life getting together and sharing... Now try and find one that did not happen due to a tragedy of some kind. 

Pokemon GO have brought people together in a way that give me hope for humanity and show us that despite what media is trying to say, the world is not teetering on the bring of destruction. Not really. 

Of course this crazy will die down soon, give it a month or two and most people will be feed up and the novelty will have worn off. But that will not really matter because it will still have changed the people using it in a small way. And it have opened the eyes of the general public to what Augmented Reality is and what it can do. No longer is it a weird buzz word... OK it is still a weird buzz word but now you can tie it to P:GO and that way make it tangible. That in it self is a victory i think. 

As for all the arsehats and socially misaligned fucknuts, they will also move on to the next way to ruin their own and others life, because that is what they do. 

Then Pokemon GO 2 will come out and we start all over again. 

Until then 

Go forth and conquer. 

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