So... Brexit. (and a midsummer greeting)

And this is what happen when you put your faith in the general masses. You end up with a coin toss that splits the nation and leaves nobody satisfied. 

I guess the Cameron office felt it was political suicide to put in a clause that a clear majority was needed... Instead betting on people to do what is best for business. Somehow forgetting that a big chunk the voters are to young to remember a world before the EU but for sure remembering how things have pretty much been shit since... EU making a good scapegoat. The other half balls deep in nostalgia for "how much better the days gone past where". 

That was... Stupid. Especially as it ended up costing the Cameron office their office anyway. 

So... Go forth and conquer I guess. Let´s hope that our own SEK manages to stay afloat.. making those UK vacations a lot cheaper. Also i am looking forward to seeing where this leads since this is a unprecedented scenario. GG on the old commonwealth for taking one for the team i guess. 


Swedish midsummer time so drink smart, fuck safe and do fucking try to not kill each other.

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