My watch is over.. Overwatch.

So I... Like pretty much all of humanity it seems. Have now had some solid time with Overwatch, Blizzards new hero shooter is about as solid as one would expect. But for me it ticks a much more important box.

Ain´t he the most adorable little crazy mercenary you ever seen.

You see... I suck at shooter games. Used to be fairly good back in the old days of BF 1942... Then things just kept getting faster and I kept getting slower, Then came the era of the sniper and i pretty much said... Fuck this... 

Now this is where the gameplay of OverWatch is so bloody brilliant. It is the epitome of the Blizzard idea of having something for everyone. No longer do I need to fear being useless to my team because i can not hit the broad side of Roadhog. I can go in and tank the living crap out of things as a over sized German knight with a power-armor and a freaking energy shield... As in a honest to god, carried on your arm shield. Simply put i can feel useful.

Now the game is at it´s core a fairly standard online arena shooter. You are part of as team and try to shoot the face of the opposing team. The maps are well designed but the game lacks game modes and while the ones we get a point capture mode and a escort mode that is very well designed and offer a ton of fun and action. They are also all we get. And it does get a bit repetitive after a while.

Now the core of OverWatch is the heroes, taking ideas from the moba space and giving us 21 (at the moment) unique heroes that as I mentioned before has something for everyone but without it feeling forced. We will see more heroes added as time goes by. But for now we have a good solid mix of wonderfully colorful and cheesy.

And that i think is the games strongest point. The art style is just so vibrant and lively. It is like a Pixar movie dialed up to 11.

Now this game is not for everybody, if you do not like shooters it has noting to offer gameplay wise. Aaaaand it has some micro transactions for stuff like skins and icons. While it does not bother me all to much I know it is a deal breaker for some people. More power to you. That will not change either but compared to EA´s pants-on-head stupid system of locking maps behind paywalls and splitting the player base i feel inclined to urge everyone to at least give Blizzard a pat on the head for not fucking their players over completely. So if you like arena shooters, give this one a try. I am willing to bet you will at least get your 40/60 bucks worth of entertainment out of it.

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