Taking the Suicide squad to the task.

So in this day and age news move with a speed that would have the Flash lagging behind. Since I do not run a daily blog it sometimes feel like I am the last on the puck so to speak. That is why most of my postings are fluff or opinions. But it also leaves me somewhat frustrated once in a while.
Today I am going to talk about a pair of news items that are not really new anymore.

First up we have the casting of the next movie in the DC cinematic universe that started with Man of steel and will be followed by the Batman/Superman movie. Coming up is the movie based on Taskforce X, better known as the suicide squad. If you have kept tabs on CW´s Arrow you will be familiar with some of the name. It is the clandestine government black-ops unit that use convicts with special skills to do that what ordinary forces cannot.

In most incarnations of the task force the people who “volunteer” is told that each mission take some time of the sentence (and seeing as a lot of them serve several life sentences… ) but they are also fitted with a micro explosive attached to their spine at the base of the neck. Should one of the operatives get out of line… tick, tick, boom. The Suicide squad is usually a good way in the comics to retire minor or less popular villains should the need arise. Mortality rates are very high, hence the nickname. But you usually find some high profile names rotating in and out of the squad such as Deadshot and Harley Quinn. So who are in the squad this time around.?

Let us kick it of at the top with

Amanda Waller: It is unclear exactly what role Waller will play (or who will play her) but she is the typical tough as nails director. The kind that would stare the Joker in to submission and call Batman a pansy richboy.  There are in essence two versions of her. The classic and in my mind best version is a middle-aged heavyset woman. Built like a brick in a suite she is both a harsh taskmaster but also one to have a motherly side to the nutcases she “care” for. The other is a “vitalized” version of her, 30-ish and a much more fit and active player who are not afraid to get hands on when the situation need it. This version is seen in the Arrow show and DC´s new 52 universe reboot. Rumors have it that WB is looking for a slightly older woman to play the role but nothing is confirmed as of yet. But there cannot be a Taskforce X without Amanda Waller.

The Joker (played by Jared Leto): The clownprince of crime should not need much of a introduction and is this films odd man out seeing as he is not a Taskforce X regular due to being… Well.. Fucking nuts … More so then most other psychopaths in TF:X. What role he will have in the movie… I´d guess he will be “the brain” and make the plans, seeing as he is a brilliant strategist and highly intelligent. As for Jared Leto, I had not seen him in much I could remember so I had to turn to google and I have to say he has the looks for a younger more energetic Joker. Perhaps along the lines of Bruce TImms Joker from Batman TAS and Justice League TAS(voiced brilliantly by Mark Hamill). I am very intrigued to see how he will tackle the role.

Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie): The Jokers constant shadow/lover/partner/enemy who originated in the Batmna Animated series by Bruce Timm.  Harley Quinnsel was an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who tried to do a Clarice Starling but was played and pushed over the edge by the manipulative and charismatic Joker. Once she snapped she fully embraced the insanity. At first glance Harley Quinn look like nothing more than eye candy for the Joker, but is a competent psychiatrist and well versed in psychoanalysis. She is also a fairly competent fighter. The actor playing her is Margot Robbie and just like the Joker this girl as a blank for me. But having seen her in a few YouTube clips I think she can nail the seductive and dominant but also bat shit crazy Harley Quinn. Perhaps not my top pick but I think it will work out well.

Boomerang (played by Jai Courtney(: Better known as Captain Boomerang this Flash villain and all-round unpleasant fellow is an assassin for hire that uses different trick-boomerangs… Yes… He is also Australian… Who would have thought?  He is also a reoccurring TF:X member even if his main association is the villain group “ the rogues” from the Flash comics and the CW TV series. A fairly competent fighter with a good eye for angles and thinking three steps ahead. In the comics there have been two or three different villains carrying the name of Boomerang and it is a bit unclear what version this will be based on. He is going to be played by Jai Courtney and form what I have seen from him he will be a good fit in the looks department and while Boomerang tends to be the somewhat surly and even a bit whiney in the comics I have no doubt that Jai can pull that off if they go that way. I personally hope they make him a bit more towards the angry and suspicious side of things.

Deadshot (Played by Will Smith): Probably the biggest casting WTF for me. Deadshot is a TF:X mainstay that have been in most of the versions I have come across. The world’s deadliest assassin and rumored to never miss a target (unless it is wearing bright spandex and has its own comic book title) Deadshot is a broken man, suicidal and homicidal he is often portrayed as having very little care for the life of others, this goes double for his team. But he live by a strict code of conduct that stipulates that every job should be completed. He is usually portrayed as a fairly smart and competent leader. A above average strategist and a master of ballistic weapons…. All of them… But especially a pair of wrist mounted guns linked to a HUD. He is played by Will Smith, whom I have a hard time seeing as the gruff and downright unlikeable Deadshot. He did show a little bit of that in among other Hancock… I have my doubts about this but he is at least a seasoned actor. Perhaps a bit to seasoned as I fear they will tweak the character to fit Will rather than the other way around.

Rick Flagg (played by Tom Hardy): A fairly unknown name outside of comic’s geeks. Flagg is the no nonsense leader of Taskforce X and Amanda’s representative once the team leaves the “nest” so to speak. A fanatical patriot Flagg is the sort of man that think that the ends always justifies the means.  He does not have much personality or motivation beyond that most of the time. He will be played by Tom Hardy who we last time saw as Bane in the third Nolan Batman movie… .. . The less we say about that one the better. While I hated the take on Bane he did I have no problem seeing him playing a stern and no bullshit military man that put his mission before his “men”.

Enchantress (played by Cara Delevigne): The only person with real superpowers in this lineup as she is a spell-caster and wilder of magic. I know very little about this character beyond that she have at times flip-flop between hero and villain due to her magic corrupting her from time to time. No clue if they will stick with the magic angle or explain it some other way. The same goes for the actor playing her. A utter unknown but she at least has the look.

There is also a rumor that Lex Luthor will be involved and played by Jesse Eisenberg. I think that will be good.

Now this lineup to me sounds pretty solid apart from two things, both tied to the same problem. Both the character of the Joker and Will Smith as an actor feel a lot to me like “poster names” to pull in the “normal” person on the street who will be unfamiliar with who both the characters and the actors are. But I hope I am wrong and that they both fill a purpose beyond the obvious name recognition.

Now I am not dissing this movie and I was one of the people who did not outright hate Man of Steel, I think it was an interesting take on the mythos that had some small but important flaws… And the solution to Zod was not one of them. But the thing is that DC have not had a good solid run with their movies and the choice to split the movie and TV universe is understandable but sad as this is one of the things I really like with Marvel´s cinematic universe, it is all connected more or less. Dc not doing this is something I think will come back and bite them in the arse later. Also beyond the stuff that CW is doing their live action TV stuff have been less than a smash hit for me. Time will tell I guess but no matter what there has never been a time like now to be a comic´s geek.

So leaving that I just like to give my reaction to the rumour that Occulus acquired hand reading sensor tech in development.


More on this as it develops. Literally =P

That was that... Cheers =)

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