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Modern Eon

Classic Eon
So since i received a pen and paper RPG I helped crowdfund. I have been putting together a new campaign. I have not done a proper campaign of my own in many years. The game in question is EON a sort of classic Swedish RPG from the early 90´s that was known for being fairly complex and using a unlimited D6 system (you rerolled any 6 on a D6 and added it to your roll.) It is also known for having a very deep character creation system where you not only roll your stats but you also roll several times on backgrounds and events that shape your character and actually help building a backstory as you go. Now I know there are some people who do not like that.. Yeah… I am talking to you WoD and DnD players… Imagine having only the bare minimum control over your character… Scary is it not. I personally love it. It creates very organic and interesting characters. Even two characters with the same background and profession will end up very different.

Now I am a fairly strict GM, not cruel but if you do stupid shit you will pay the price. But I do reward good roleplaying and I do very much reward creative problem solving. Another thing I do to promote my players to not play too safe. I always have a house rule called “a heroes last act” in which a character can take this action and will for one turn act as if fully rested and unhurt and might even get a bonus (depending in game) but with the caveat that they fall to the ground dead once the turn I over and cannot be raised back from the dead. This gives my players a chance to make a mark even if the dices completely fuck them over. I have had some really epic situations arising from this as a player who is in essence dead on their feet in the most literal meaning of the phrase get up and holds the door so the rest of the group can escape or put them self in the way of the charging monster. I find it also lessen the blow of dying when you can do so with a bit of flair and style.
The world of Mundana or well.. parts of it.
Now I know this is not something all GM´s do but I feel it is a good way to ease tensions and take some of the min/maxing out of things. Especially as I REALLY does not like people Min/Max-ing, partially thanks to an old friend who in his youth made it a literal art-form pulling one over on the system. He was not a bad role-player... Just really good at breaking the system. Since then I get a little bit of a twitch on the right side of my face when someone tries to min/max.

So now I am trying to figure out a good way to kick things off, I have a decent middle and an end-ish to the first arch (experience have taught me not to plan too much… Nothing goes as horrible wrong as expecting players to follow a plot and respect your deep storytelling. So the more doors you close the quicker the campaign goes off track. But I do not really have a start but I think some decent plot points will emerge as characters are rolled up… That is usually how it goes with EON. Now that being said I do not have all players in place yet either so I still have time. No point in getting too much rolling before Christmas and new year’s.

I might try and run a sort of “director’s commentary” on it here as we get moving. Or I will do it as a VLog.. Who knows?

Any way that is it for today. Take care and be safe.