NerdBlock unboxing October

Video review for people on the move.

So… Another Nerd Block. Mostly because the fact that it was curated by Kevin Smith and have a super hero theme. How could I pass it up? Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with that a subscription box is, it is the bags you usually get at conventions and trade shows, but actually filled with good stuff and not just pens… and sent to your door once a month. I have unboxed a few of these already and feel free to check them out.

So the first thing I looked at was the T-shirt. Nerdblock have a shirt in each boc and they are usually pretty awesome. This one was imply awesome beyond words if one happen to be a Kevin Smith fan. It features Jay and Silent Bob as Batman and Robin. Now Kevin Smith is perhaps the biggest Batman fan I have heard about and have on several occasions incorporated Batman in to his on-screen persona Silent Bob such as the famous utility belt and the very meta in-universe comic versions of Jay and silent bob called “Bluntman & Chronic”… Yes… Fun fact… Kevin Smith was in fact not a weed smoker when he wrote his stoner jokes… But has since picked up the habit.

Next up is a very clear VS item with the biggest names in DC and Marvel facing off. These now sit on my backpack because honestly… Fuck growing up boring.  They are nice pins but also just pins. Not the big ticket item.

SmodCo stickers, this was a expeted item but I am happy non the less. It is a stickersheet with various Kevin Smith productions on it such as fatman on batman…Not as pervy as it sounds… and his new movie called Tusk. Not bad, mostly as shipping for stuff like this to Sweden would be insane normally compared to the price of the product.

Arkham  Asylum Post-It pad is absolutely adorable but I am a bit sad there is no special printing on the sticky notes them self. Still it is a very cool little office item and I has been claimed by H and I think it will fit perfect on H´s desk. That place is a mad house to begin with.

Now for the second to best item in the box. A pack of trading cards replicating the ones that agent Coulson carried in the Avengers. They seem to be a bit scaled down but they claim it is a prop replica so I will take their word for it. It will look awesome on my shelf and if I ever get a chance to meet Clark Gregg or Chris Evans I will have them sign them for me.

Next to last we have an I think Windwaker… Mascot dangler for your phone, bag or intimate piercing. I got link holding a urn… I admit... I have not played Windwaker… I fail as a human being.

And the big ticket item this month is a Funko POP! Vinyl of Deadpool. Unmasked and creepy as usual. Thanks to these boxes there is a small collection of bobble heads building in my home, so far we have Groot and now Deadpool. Very nice indeed.

So that was it, I think I got good value out of this box and to be honest I never get them for the value, I get them for the fact that it is Christmas every month. My inner child just bounce around like a maniac every month. I am still not sure how the Windwaker figure fit in to it all but hey, it is still a cute little dangler… and that somehow feels very familiar.

Take care and be safe.