Howling at the mob.

So i was going to write about how the Crew has been delayed due to its console port being poop. But then I once again got proof that your average gamer has the attention span of a goldfish and only care to express their opinion when something is not working… And then only express it loudly and ill-informed.

First some background. As I have mentioned earlier I play a game called Mechwarrior online. It is a really nice game but suffers a little from “small player base” syndrome. This causes matches in the game to from time to time have a fairly big gap in skills between players both within a team and between teams as the matchmaker loses its restrictions in order to launch a match. This is ofc not uncommon but in order to sort of fix the problem the developers decided to redesign the system behind the matchmaker. In short the change was to switch form a system where players picked what game modes they wanted to play and the matchmaker tried to match them up to a system where the players choose the game modes they preferred to play and the matchmaker put together as even teams as it could. This to eliminate the problem of the MM finding a perfect match skill wise but being unable to launch it because people choose different game modes. Any way you can read more about this HERE

This change was communicated in every way possible short of them going to your house and tell you personally. Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and ofc the official forums. The feedback was generally positive and while some people was unhappy with losing control over what game mode was to be played everyone was in agreement that faster and more even matches would be a good thing. Yesterday this patch was implemented…

I give you one guess as to what happened…

If that guess was that a good section of the community flipped the proverbial shit (and most likely a table or two) you would be right to such a degree that the devs are now looking in to removing the change. Now this is very typical in my mind for how your average game community acts and reacts. You have a simmering and gloopy morass on a subject. The devs wade in and try to set it right, giving the community a chance to voice it´s opinion. Most people do not give a flying fuck until the change go in, then they skip the patch notes and go directly to complaining in-game until someone tell them to shut the fuck up and go to the forum. Shortly after that we have a minor rebellion on our hands. Now the interesting thing is of course that most people do not leave any feedback before the change go in but rather come howling after it is done. It is estimated that between 2 and 10 percent of a games active player base visit the forums so that there will be some people who only comes around to complain about a change is to be expected but that you see them same pattern from the so called regulars. How come that so few people partake in a game and have such a strong desire to proclaim their opinion but yet are so reluctant to actually read any of the information outside of the game. Is this a trend.. Am I the odd one out who reads up on things and try to understand what is going on and if so.. Is the system of higher education doomed as people seem to be unable to do basic information gathering. I just assumed that this was such a common skill that I usually give people I game master in rpg´s with a modern or futuristic setting a free leg up on information gathering.. Perhaps I have been wrong and held a way to positive view on things.
Anyway, I just felt I had to rant a bit about this. And if you are one of those people who like to complain, do so by all means but do things in the right order… Don´t be the person who skip voting and then comes yelling that nobody ever listen to your concerns. You are the main reason that communication between developers and community dries up, after all what is the point of them taking time to try and communicate when you just shit on those efforts and then go rampaging around the forums like a howler monkey on PCP.

Any way… This is Taw.. over and out.

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