I would not wish this on my worst enemy… .. . Ok I would.

I like for you my readers to join me in raising a toast to the poor souls that currently work the SONY Online Entertainment support desk. You see SoE in their infinite wisdom have put in motion something that can I no way shape or form end up as a positive thing. As we all know in situations like this… The poor customer service will end up eating the whole grand shitsandwich.

But first some background. A few years back SoE decided for some obscure reason to outsource the running and supporting of their European customer base to a company called Pro7Sat and their gaming division P7G. This was a non-optional move for any customer living in Europe. So after a somewhat rocky transfer service things went back to being ok-ish.
Come last month SoE told us that… Guess what guys, you are going back in to the SoE fold. At first there was much jubilation, then it was made clear we would have to make a new account to transfer the accounts to… Not our old ones because of reasons. It turns out that in order to block access they had banned our old accounts once transferred and I assume they felt it was too much work to get it back in to working order. Add to this a very confusing migration process and I am sure that SoE customer service will be needing a short vacation once this is sorted.
To add some whipped cream and a cherry to it they currently have a problem that causes the migrated accounts to not being able to access their characters.

So I raise a glass to SoE support who at least the ones I have spoken to have been very helpful and professional, but I wonder why SoE could not have done this smoother.