Hearts on fire….

First off, sorry for the delay in updates but i have been playing tag with a throat virus. But I am back and better than ever… Or some such nonsense.

I was going to talk about the latest Bay-verse Transformers that was went to see last Monday, but seeing how I contracted the plague from it I am not sure that is actually safe.

 No in honesty something else tugged at my attention. Marvel is re-launching Thor, the not so red-headed Norse god of thunder and tosser of tools. So what is the big deal, they guy have died at least two or is it three times and lost his powers a good deal more. Well you see this time the hammer pass to a girl, not really new in its own right, we have had Thor-girl and I seems to recall some alternate stories with female Thor characters. Now as usual the collective shit of comic´s conservatists where flipped and some very angry men declared that they will never touch a Marvel comic again.  To this I am pretty sure Marvel just laugh and keep counting their money. So why all the anger, well for some it seems that this is just a tasteless marketing ploy, a short term change just to appease the “PC Maffia” and pick up some quick goodwill points, and I am sure that has some merit seeing how hardly any change in the Marvel universe sticks. Will this new female Thor stick, who knows… But I think it an interesting change as it seems that original-Thor somehow loose his way and feel like/become unworthy to lift the hammer. Now seeing how the hammer have an enchantment cast upon it to prevent anyone not worthy (or someone of truly monstrous strength as it has been proven in the past) to wield it´s power this is not a completely unlikely scenario.
Ok to be very specific it says ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.’ And that “he” is another thing that has some people up in arms and ready to wish the life out of both writer and artist. Now Thor was first produced in 1962 and I am sure that the idea of a female readership, or an adult one for that. Did not even enter their mind. They made stories for young boys. So I think it is ok to interpret this as a less gender specific enchantment in our modern society.
Now anyone familiar with comic artists and their relation to the female form might ask them self, what kind of chainmail bikini clad, Barbie shaped abomination of male power fantasy will replace the former god of thunder… Well… None actually… Apart from a small diamond shaped cut-out it is a very sensible outfit, at least for being Thor. She also have a half helm covering most of her head, also a very sensible choice for a warrior god, now one could argue that the breastplate shaped after the curve of her breasts would be very bad and i agree. But baby steps and all that.. 
I´l include an image here. 


So the tower is crumbling and we start to see more and more diversity in comics. Something I think is good and opens up for more interesting stories, and this one could be a classic. The mighty god who is fallen and have to redeem himself and prove his worth to himself and others, this does very much mirror the early Thor stories when he was struck down for being an arrogant arse and had to learn humility and responsibility by living with those he saw as beneath himself.
This is one comic, together with the new Ms Marvel that I will keep an eye on and I recommend you to do the same if you want something different. I will try to make a post later after reading some of the issues of the new Thor and give my reactions to it. 

So then… Over to Mr Bay… I went in to see TF4 expecting to have the experience form the second and third movie repeated but hoped for something closer to the first one. I am glad to report that there are no robo-testicles in this one, so already there it has a leg up on the second movie. I would actually place this one as my second favorite Transformers movie and with some cutting and splicing it could easy be the best one. Why… Well first and foremost the human comedic element is reduced and the villains have a very clear and logic motivation for what they do, human and robot alike. The new Autobots are likable and while the majority of the Decepticons in the movie are just grunts and target practice it still makes sense. The Decepticons designed to stand out do really stand out and have a good amount of screen time. Also who does not love to see a robot that turns in to a truck punch a giant robot t-rex in the face. Another breath of fresh air is the fact that we finally get to see high and mighty prime crack.
Unfortunately that is all the good I can say about it. The movie is paced in a way that would make a 90´s MTV music video seem slow and deliberate. It is also a 2+ hours of Bay masturbating over his favorite action scenes. It is like he preparing for a wedding. Something new, something old something borrowed and something blue… .. . But if you can just detach your brain and hold om to your seat it works fairly well as an action movie. Still not sure what the Dinobots are doing in the movie apart from selling more toys and give Optimus something to ride. Now if I had the choice I would end it here, no more movies in this universe/timeline. Perhaps no more Transformers movies at all. Because it is all wrapped up and things are resolved. Or at least as resolved and wrapped up as it needs to be.
But I doubt I will have such luck.
Next up on the silver screen will be Guardians of the Galaxy and then it is back in to Bay-land with TMNT. But I am sure I will post before that.  

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