For the love of all…

This is a rant… It is not coherent and have been edited to take out the most rabid parts as they served no purpose other than me venting with foam at the corners of my mouth..

So I really hate it when people tell me what is and is not right based on their personal beliefs and hold them up as absolute truths… So now I am going to tell you what is right or wrong based on my personal beliefs and hold them up as absolute truths….  

Ok that was perhaps pushing it a bit far for the sake of making the point clear, but I just like to point out that I am well aware of how silly it is to condemn someone’s way of viewing the world just because it does not meet my own. You see I do not think that there are any people who are inherently evil, there are people who do evil things or push suffering upon others but I do not believe that they wake up each morning, twirling their moustache and scheme how to make the rest of the world a worse place. In fact most of them I am sure have the utter most intention to make the world a better place. They just go about it a very ass backwards way. Now that is not the same as me giving them a free reign or wave them off as “silly evil people”. But I just want to explain the background to why I make the next statement.
I do not think people who try to restrict how others love are evil.
I just think the way they look at the world is completely batshit, off the wall fucked up beyond a point where it is dignified with a sane and reasonable. You would think that in a society where borders are moving and we are slowly but surely growing out of our shoes people loving each other would be a good thing. I personally think my point of view will be the one that wins in the end and what we know today as hetero, homo, bi, mono and poly will dissolve. Why… Well for one I hope that we will be going back to a community where more focus is put on family no matter how said family is constituted and that people can let go of the fear that stigmatizes so much of how we look at love and sex. We are no longer in a position where we need to regulate and formalize reproduction in order to save the population. We have other motivators for that now that are way more efficient. Now fear is difficult to get rid of, I sure know and I also know that I am a very small insignificant person but it literally drives me crazy because it is the anti-thesis of logic behavior. At least that is how I feel about it. Now I don´t care if, and this is my very personal opinion and I do not demand that you should agree with me but be aware that disagreeing will color our future interactions.
If you think you have some reason to judge or disapprove how humans love each other, how people of their free will shape their family or who they call their loved ones YOU ARE WRONG. You are wrong and you pretty much fail as a human being. I dare you to present a compelling argument… Or even a argument to begin with. But let me preempt a few…

My faith says: Yeah I am pretty sure your faith says a lot of stuff that is not applicable to a modern society.
My political stance says: Really… If above did not win any ground this is even more stupid.
My grandma/grandpa/parents said: I am sure they did… So why be as narrow-minded as they are.
I am afraid: Well I can understand that. But fear is to be conquered.
I do not want to (insert object in to orifice): I am not saying you should go on a fuck-a-ton around the world and bed one of each gender and nationality in a weird recreation of the Arc.  Just that you ask you self... Why do I feel this is wrong?

So while I cannot stop you from feeling discomfort at the idea of anything outside of “man+wife+2.5 kids, missionary three times a week and from the behind on Saturdays.” I am pretty sure you felt some discomfort or confusion the first time you had sex too… and that turned out pretty good in the end too now did it not. So the next time you see something that seems unusual to you or maybe even strange, as long as nobody is hurting someone else (without their consent, pain after all is pleasure if done right.) just nod your head and think to yourself… If is Wednesday.  

Agree or disagree I welcome anyone who can put forward a logic reason why restrictions on love between consenting people… I care not for people who try to explain why there are such restrictions today… I have a fairly good idea of that.

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