Bow and Board

So, this will be the first timely addition to my little soapbox. There will be some other posts that have been sitting on my hard drive for a while posted later.
Today’s subject is the season finale of Arrow and Agents of SHIELD. Now I have followed both series and while I will try to keep this as spoiler free as I can something might slip by if you have not followed the series.

Let me start with Arrow. Over this season we have seen the war between Wilson Slade and Oliver and this season finale brings it all together. Everyone in team Arrow have to go right up to the very edge in order to keep Slade and his army of very angry Bane wanna-be´s from reducing the city to dust. The episode was decently paced and had some interesting turns such as Canary’s arc coming to conclusion in a very nice way. What I don´t like is that the “flashbacks” seem to be a bleeding staple of the run of this show as we will most likely be saddled with them for the next season and I have a creeping feeling that it will cause some interesting continuity problems. But all in all I feel that Arrow end this season on a strong note and I look forward to the next season. Together with the upcoming the Flash and the cinematic adventures coming with Batman/Superman and the rumoured JLA movie I am really looking forward to what will come.

Now on the other side of the fence we have M:AoS, as series that have been battling a uphill battle due to starting at a grass-roots level and having a very weak middle act. But once the last act kicked in the series really picked up and I think their season finale was the strongest episode yet and from an emotional standpoint it kicks Arrows arse from here to next Sunday. It had some really brilliant comedic moments and some very funny fourth wall flirting. It did feel very much like a show that was unsure on if it would be picked up for a second season, we know now that it will be everything is wrapped up very neatly and not very many loose threads are hanging about. That is not to say there is not enough to make me want to see the next season but compared to Arrow that left us with enough threads to make a dreamcatcher it felt a bit weak.

So now with Arrow going strong, M:AoS displaying that it can fill the shoes set out for it and a smörgåsbord of new superhero shows coming like the Flash from the DC stable and with Marvel doing that equivalent of the pasta-test and tossing everything at a wall to see what sticks with shows like ABC´s Agent Carter and the in-house produced Heroes for hire show/shows.. Itis a good time to be a superhero nerd. Now if they could give Beware the Batman another season and bring back Teen Titans i´d be a happy camper.

Next time I will be chewing on Batfleck... Om nom nom.. I bet he taste like fanboy angst.

This is Tomas saying. Keep safe and never grow dull.