Every journey starts with a single step... Unless you happen to be at the very edge of a cliff.. Then it can start with falling and a lot of screaming.

So why this...

Well i have no real good way of explaining what and/or why i do this. Maybe it is just a matter of feeding my own vanity, maybe it is just a alternative to speaking to my self. Mostly i guess i do it because i like to argue about things.

So this will be my soapbox... I don´t expect that anyone who happen to stumble over this will agree with me, nor do i make any promise to champion a cause way beyond what is sane and proper. Prove me wrong and you might change my stance. But by the same virtue don´t expect me to fold like a stack of cards either. So what will i bring up here. Well at this point that is still up for debate... There will be some revives of things i see/listen to/play, There will be a segment that i rather blatant steal from Nash of Radio DeadAir called "What the fuck is wrong with you" even if the name will most likley change, the idea is that when i come across a news story i feel justify my theory that humanity can not be trusted with a fist full of soggy captain crunch without trying to use it to hurt them self or someone else i will display it and my thoughts about it. This will most likley be a lot of ranting, and it will be glorious.

Beyond that anything is fair game and nothing is really sacred but seeing as i trust this blogportal about a s far as i can throw it when it comes to security i will do my best to try and avoid outright offending people just for the sake it... If i have to offend someone it will most likley be a very good reason for it.

I might add some way to make comments at some point... But my general experience with giving humanity access to such a venue is less then, how should we say it... Satisfactory.

Also you will not see this post until i actually manages to make this blog look presentable and  have some actual content.


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