Random rants and musings

So the year is coming to a close and while i am not going to post my retrospect yet, saving that for the holiday. But i am starting to feel like this year has worn out its welcome. Not only have it been a utter shit show in the politics... domestic as well as abroad (thanks USA) but it has also been a fairly hit and miss in the cinemas and on TV. At least the gaming scene have had some good offers. More than a few "better than expected". But i´l get back to that later in the month. 

Now the thing that have made the most impact in my consumption of entertainment media came about this black Friday, i finally upgraded my computer... Or more correctly.. Replaced seeing as most components were 6+ years old, Any way this new machine is a monster compared to the old machine and for all intents does the job it need to do. It is sort of VR ready and play almost anything i need it to play without missing a single pace. Sure it will not do 4K anytime soon but i have no real need to go there at this point. But i can say this, it is pretty funny to see how much better one does when one does not have to fight the computer and the framerate. Overwatch is a dream right now and PvP in the Crew finally works.

I had a theory before in regards to PvP in the Crew. I did not notice it until Wild Run brought in the Summit PvP. In that everyone get the same car at the same level with the same parts. In short.. it is all about the driving (in theory) but i kept falling behind in every race. Not skipping or rubber-banding, just going slowly. I had my suspicions about why but now it is confirmed. I´l actually start recording some nice PvP action to show of my not so stellar driving skills.

Beyond that i have just had a blast going back through the old library and see what this new rig does to the games i have. Also making plans to pick up a few new ones like Watchdogs 2 and Titanfall 2. But for now i am just enjoying buttery smooth gameplay.

Anyway... That will be it i think. Apart from the upcoming quick look at Rogue One  sometime after Christmas i have no solid plans on content right now. Will do a top ten and retrospect around new years and sort of looking forward. 

As always, be kind and stay safe. 

It felt fittingly random. Hetty for president.