Calling all units on the Crew

So I was planning to talk about this earlier but my driving  game of choice is getting a expansion. Last time it was crazy car meets, this time it is centered around the blue lightning, the fuzz, the 5-0, the bear... Yeah.. The cops are getting some well needed reinforcement from the players. Take to the road as one of the boys and girls in blue, busting racerns and issuing fines like there is no tomorrow.  I am not going to rehash the info we have so far, just read up about it on the homepage for the Crew

I am sort of underwhelmed, it is not the expansion i was hoping for, not is it really one I feel the game needs, But then again in know it is a popular feature with many other players and it is fairly optional so I guess I will live with it. Also it give mes a chance to turn my Nissan Fairlady Z in to Prowl, expanding my lineup of Transformers inspired cars. 

With this expansion we will also get the Nissan GTR, the lovely computer on four wheels. That will make a bunch of people happy, but since it is a expansion exclusive car... it will make people angry. Ubisoft gives and Ubisoft takes away I guess. 

Beyond that i am waiting for the next Overwatch hero and looking towards Blizzcon. I think Blizzcon is the closest i get get to actually having a annual event that I watch. My Superbowl experience so to speak. Not as much that I feel I have to go to it but to sit down and watch it. This year is a odd one and i look forward to see what they will show off. 

Short post this week. 

But take care and be safe.