Celebrating mediocrity... (5k views)

Arn´t they cute.. they are unrelated to today´s post.

So... I hit a sort of milestone. And since i am born in the eighties i always try to celebrate even the small things.

I hit 5k views... Yeah... in total.... Not in a day... or a month.... or even.. sad to say.. a year... No it took about two years.

But that is also way more than i actually thought i was going to get. Sure a part of those are crawlers and other types of trackers. But i am still proud because i kept at it and following through has never been my strongest point when left to my own devices without a concrete goal or deadline.

So i´l try to dig up some digital swag and giver it away later in the week. You know.. to celebrate. =P

So what now...? Not much, i´l keep on trucking and see if we can hit 10k in one year perhaps. Than 15k in six months... who knows.

I have also started to work on a little side project... The guys sitting the the top of the page. Who and what will come at a later date as that is around version 0.5.

So.. Thanks for the time and let us get another 5k views together.