And so i return to my old haunt.

After a year long sojourn i will pick my posting back up here. There will be some slight changes in posting schedule and content. For an example Loot Crate is out and i am not sure what to replace that unboxing section with but i am sure i will come up with something. I will also make a recap of all the Dr Who stuff that has been going on since i left off as well as Arrow and Flash this will lead in to covering the Flarrows of Tomorrow as they pick back up on the 19-21 of January. Not entirely sure how i will structure it but again i´l work something out.

Beyond that it will be the usual slew of rant´s reviews and general musings that i have grown fond of producing.

check back later today for my take on the long awaited Sherlock winter special.

Until then, take care and be safe.

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